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We offer a wide range of services that cover all stages of a project, from conception to completion. They can be commissioned as a whole or separately.


One of us will answer your initial query and will usually arrange a meeting at the property to discuss into more detail your requirements and have a general inspection of the property to evaluate the potential. This meeting is offered free of charge and will usually last around one hour. Any existing documents relating to the property at this stage will be useful to make an assessment, estate agents plan, surveys, old planning applications can all be useful.


Following our meeting we will provide you with a fee proposal for our services and a letter of appointment.

Individual stages we offer are:


Feasibility Study

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Planning Applications

Permitted Development

Building Regulations

If you are looking for someone that will take care of your project all the way, you will find below some more information about the whole process and how we can assist you.The typical project will consist of the following stages:


Preparation and Brief -


The aim of this stage is to lay the foundations to a successful project. It will include:

Project brief that will include spatial requirements, project budget, timescale, quality and sustainability aspirations.

Feasibility study can range from hand sketches to a full feasibility study.

Project risks will set out the initial strategy for planning and procurement.


Concept Design -


At this stage we will turn the initial brief and feasibility into CAD drawings and 3D images to show the client the proposed scheme. For more contentious proposal we would advise at this stage to go through a Pre App with the Local Authority to assess whether the strategy needs adjusting.


Developed Design and Planning Applications


During this stage we will develop the proposal where required with the input of other consultants, in order to make sure that all aspects can be considered before finalising the design. Once this is concluded we will prepare a full set of planning drawings. We will also arrange for any other documentation required for your planning application such as planning statements, design and access statement, and where needed we will collate reports from other consultants.

Technical Design -


During this stage we will compile technical drawings and descriptions for tender and construction purposes. These drawings can also be used for Building Regulations approval as required, usually in combination with a Structural Engineer calculations and any other relevant information.


We would advise to issue the same documents to a number of contractors, with a minimum of 3, during the tender process. This will usually take a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 4.

Once the quotes have been returned we can assist with the analysis and comparison, and make a recommendation.


Construction -


During construction we can offer 2 types of services.


The first is a number of regular site visits, carried out on behalf of the client to check compliance with planning permission and design. During these site visits we will also be able to assist the contractor with any queries regarding the design.


Alternatively we are able to act as contract administrators, which will enable us to make sure that the contract is adhered to and make amendments where required. This service is subject to a fee charged on a percentage of the building cost and the appointment of a Quantity Surveyor. Please enquiry if you would like more information about this option.


At the end of the works we will compile a Snagging List that will address all work that needs completing or that is not matching the tender agreement, for the contractor to finalise before Completion.

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